As of 2012, it was estimated that at least 52 percent of employers were using video interviews. With the technology ever-improving, it’s clear the popularity of video interviewing will only grow in the future.

“The whole recording process in a video interview can be a bit nerve racking for candidates,” Tiffany Cook, a recruiter at Alliance Office Solutions said. “Especially for those who have not done a video interview before.”

Luckily, Cook and our other recruiters had some tips to share to help your next video interview go smoothly.

  1. Eye Contact. “This is the biggest mistake I see people make,” Cook said. “ A lot of candidates get hung up on looking at their own picture on the video, but in reality they should be looking naturally right at their webcam.”
  2. Posture. Since a recruiter will only be able to see you from the waist up, make sure you’re putting forth your very best for what they can see. Sit up straight in your chair with your shoulders back. Also, consider recording yourself running through your elevator speech to get comfortable on camera.
  3. Dress For Success. When you do a recorded video interview, it will likely be sent to many companies who could potentially hire you. Dan Dillon, a recruiter at Alliance Industrial Solutions, encourages his candidates to dress for success. “The advice I give candidates is to come dressed at least business casual,” Dillon said. “Don’t come in like you just rolled out of bed just because you’re interviewing from home.”
  4. Practice. If you’re unfamiliar with how video calls work, make sure you do a practice round with a friend. On your end, you’ll want to test your web cam and microphone for volume, as well as your ability to make and answer calls on the computer.

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