Whether you’re aware of it or not, your company is defined by it’s internal culture. How your employees interact with each other, vendors and customers is all part of your company’s culture.

Culture drives your company. It helps you attract the best talent and build great business relationships. And the key is, it all starts with your people.

With something so important on the line, it may seem like all hiring should be done internal to ensure culture fit. After all, how could an independent recruiter fit your company culture?

Depending on the position that’s open, a recruiter might interview some of your current high-performing employees to see what has made them successful in their roles. Or, the recruiter might spend some time with different managers to get an idea of how the employees interact with each other.

Simply put, recruiters can fit culture because of their hiring experience. From the moment a recruiter begins talking to you about an open position, he or she’s profiling your company and culture. Yes, recruiters want to match candidates with open positions, but it’s more than that. Often, recruiters are compensated based on their retention rates, so ultimately, recruiters strive for good culture fits too.

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