Technology is arguably the strongest driving force in today’s world. It’s changed many aspects of life, including the dynamics of the workplace. With so many resources available at our fingertips, there are a variety of ways to work anywhere you want if you have a computer and internet connection.

online jobs

If you’re looking for online jobs that afford you the opportunity to stay at home and work, you will be able to find one with a click of a button.

  1. Freelance Writer

A great part of being a freelance writer is that you get to choose your own hours and can work from anywhere. There are various gigs that you can pick up, especially based on what you would consider your specialty. Some people will pay you per article or per word, depending on the request. Though you may not have to submit a resume, you will definitely want to have some strong portfolio pieces before you make the jump to an online writing career. Like any job, you will have project deadlines and you want to make sure you meet them – all while delivering quality work.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are some of the most common jobs that you can find online. Aside from companies needing people to input data or update their reports, there are others out there who need an odd data entry job done. There are literally thousands of different types of entry jobs that you can find online. If you have a computer and you can type relatively fast, you might want to consider picking up some data entry jobs on the side.

  1. Blogger

It is possible to actually make a living off a blog. If you have a niche area of expertise and a passion for writing, you can use your site to advertise for other companies. The key is to find companies that are willing to pay to place their advertisements on your blog. To do this, you will need to build a large following of people. Some advertisements might be a one-time deal and some might be recurring. Both of them can earn you some serious dough.

You can also sell books or items, which also can bring in additional revenue. Having that solid base following will allow you to tinker with what works in terms of sales and advertisements. There are hundreds of successful blogs out there that bring in more money than you would think – some earn up to six-figures.

online jobs

  1. Online Seller

There are a couple of different ways you can make a job out of selling items online. The first is that you can go through your stuff, yard sales and even flea markets to find cheap items that you then resell on sites like Amazon and eBay. The second way to sell online is to buy things from other people and sell the items at a higher price.

  1. Social Media Manager

With the rise of technology, many companies are looking for people who are adept at using social media. More often than not, these businesses do not know the ins and outs of certain social media platforms and are willing to outsource their accounts to skilled social media professionals. They want people who can create successful campaigns and can keep their company up-to-date in the social media world. If you really know your social media tools paired marketing techniques for business, these types of online jobs might just be the right fit for you. Even if you don’t start out as the manager, you can work your way up!


Online jobs are a great way to make a living, but you have to be disciplined enough to do your work remotely, without a team or a manager checking in on you. If you are in search of a job with more structure, apply for a job in your field on our job board today.

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