Aaron Grossman, CEO #2

I am a HUGE believer in having a purpose in life. As a kid, I always felt my purpose was to have at least one person I touched in my life be better off for having met me. I think this mindset helped me look at life from a GIVING perspective more so than a TAKING perspective. We all know that we want to matter. We want to know there is a reason we are on this earth.

Coming into work to collect a paycheck doesn’t drive purpose by itself. Some create purpose around supporting their family and drive value from the transaction of receiving a paycheck. As millennials take over the workforce, the need to understand purpose continues to scale. One of the roadblocks to developing a purpose for your business is that you start with what you do. STOP!

As the business owner or executive, WHY do you come to work every day? WHAT excites you about what you do for a living? HOW does the success of what you do create impact in the circles you interact with?

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Defining Your Culture


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