A lot of people form strong bonds and relationships at work, but what happens when you change jobs? A lot of employees with coworkers they consider friends are hesitant to leave a job because of that reason. Keeping in touch with old coworkers can seem tricky, but these tips will ensure your relationships stay intact. Embrace your job change while keeping old connections with these tips:

Check In

Though simple, this is one of the best ways to keep in touch with old coworkers. Send a text or make a call when you are thinking about them and ask how things are going. It may sound silly, but setting a calendar reminder in your phone to check in with peers can really help you stay connected. As we all know, time flies and before you know it, months can get away with you without having any contact with your old friends. A recurring reminder will keep the connection alive and keep old coworkers updated on the happenings of your life as well.


Meet Up at Industry Events

Assuming you only switched jobs and not industries, you can make plans to meet up at industry events. If you are still local, you can plan to attend day conferences together, as long as your employers approve it. If you are planning to move a considerable distance away, plans can be made to meet up at national industry conferences. Your profession will be something you have in common and are able to talk about, so take advantage by planning meetups at events you would be attending anyway.

Set Regular Dates

Another great way to keep in touch with old coworkers is to set a recurring date for you to get together. If you plan on meeting every third Thursday of the month, for example, both of you will be sure to keep that date open and stray away from other obligations on that day. This is a great option, especially when you can be juggling a new job on top of the busyness of daily tasks.

Social Media

One of the easiest ways to keep in contact with your old coworkers is through social media. Keeping up-to-date on their lives through posts is a less personal route, but better than nothing. If social media is the main way you keep in contact, be sure to include a personal direct message here and there. A “like” or “favorite” lets people know you’re thinking about them, but a personal message takes it to the next level.

Keep Track of Life Events

In the days of social media, this is very easy, but it can span past Facebook. Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and any other important life events. Use these events as a way to reach out and spark conversation. Everyone likes to receive a special birthday or anniversary message, so even if you haven’t talked with an old coworker for a long time, this is the easiest way to reconnect.

Keeping in touch with old coworkers is a great way to keep strong relationships in your life, not to mention a useful networking tool. Equipped with many easy ways to reach out and stay in contact with old coworkers, you can switch jobs without the stress of losing relationships along the way. If you are ready to embark on a new career journey, contact an Alliance Solutions Group recruiter.

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