Job satisfaction in America isn’t an impressive number: merely 50 percent of employees are satisfied at work, which, alarmingly, is the highest satisfaction rate in 11 years. On one hand, this means you aren’t alone if you don’t like your job. On the other, it doesn’t mean you should stay in a job you don’t love, either.

If you aren’t satisfied with your job, you’ll end up walking a fine line between mundane day-to-day disengagement, and completely hating your job. While it isn’t a good idea to up and leave without a backup plan, you’ll definitely want to find a way to quit your job before you absolutely hate it.

quit your job before you hate it

Here are five reasons you should quit your job before you hate it:

    1. Hating your job really can seep into every part of your life. When you become miserable with your work life, you will have a hard time enjoying other areas of your life– especially if you’re spending more time at work than at home. Stress, sadness or anger can negatively affect your physical and mental health, your relationships in and out of work and can cloud even the good things in your life.
    2. Once you hate your job, you aren’t giving it your all. Whether you mean to or not, you’ll begin losing productivity, attention to detail and the little signature flares that used to come with your work. Your boss or your team will begin to notice. This could lead to corrective counseling or even being let go, which will be a lot harder on your self-esteem, wallet and resume than if you made the decision to leave yourself.
    3. When you hate your job, others know. And this isn’t exclusively your team and your boss. Attend a networking event, and anyone who asks you about your job will probably be able to tell you hate it. If you’re trying to make new connections to help your job search, they won’t be impressed with your lack of enthusiasm around your current employment.
    4. You’ll be fed up and ready to detonate. You might not be shouting “I quit!” and storming out, but you might fly off the handle about something small or insignificant if you’ve had enough. Don’t wait until you’re ready to lose it to leave, because it will not be a pretty ending and you may need those relationships down the road.
    5. You don’t have to stay at a job you hate anymore. We’ve made it through the recession and for talented employees, the ball is in your court. Apply to jobs that you’re qualified for, or have connections at, and you will have a great shot at getting an interview. It isn’t an employer’s market anymore, and you don’t have to play their game. A new job opportunity doesn’t have to look “perfect” on paper, so find some that seem appealing to you in ways that your job now doesn’t, and apply!

Now that you know it is okay to leave a job before you hate it, it’s time to start your search. Don’t wait until tomorrow! Spruce up your LinkedIn, start making some new connections and if you need a little extra encouragement, contact one of our career coaches today to start the next chapter in your life.

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