When you’re moving to a new area and leaving behind your current job, it can be hard to find your next career opportunity in the new location. Even if you’re making the move for your career (to a bigger city, or any area better for your industry), you might not find a permanent job right away.

temporary work

It can be extremely difficult to get interviews and especially job offers when you don’t yet live in your new area. Many jobs want you to be already living close by – a sure bet that you’ll be able to accept once the offer is made. So what can you do to sustain yourself through this move?

One viable option is to find a temporary or contract job. Temp jobs can be most easily found with the aid of a recruiter, as well as contracting work. Even an internship is a good option, for a short time, while you get your bearings.

What are the benefits of a temp job?

  1. You can find a lot of businesses that need short-term help immediately. You won’t be accepting a concrete, permanent position that you’ll be stuck in, which is great when you don’t really know the area or want time to find the perfect job.
  2. Oftentimes with contract work, you can choose your own schedule. You don’t have to put in full-time hours, meaning more flexibility and more time to settle in!
  3. Moves are expensive. Putting a big dent in your bank account is almost inevitable, but at least you can rake in some extra cash during this time of relocation.
  4. You can make great connections. Even if you don’t stay at your temp job long, you still have enough time to make connections at the company. This could mean new friends in your new area, or potentially someone to help you find similar work in a permanent position elsewhere.
  5. It could become permanent. Depending on the company’s needs and your performance, you may very well end up being offered a full-time job. This isn’t always the case, but many temps turn into hired-on employees. You never know where the opportunity might lead.

If you’re relocating and need help finding temporary work, your best bet is to contact a recruiter who works in the area you’re moving to. They will have connections with local businesses and open positions waiting to be filled. Not to mention recruiters have relationships with the hiring managers of local companies, and know what each business looks for in their new hires. Recruiters will help you locate, prep and interview for a job to help you settle into your new home!

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