Are you feeling the mid-career slump? You know the feeling. You’ve been at your job for a few years and you have a good routine going. You’re feeling comfortable with where you’re at, but maybe a little too comfortable? Sometimes comfortability leads to boredom and less energy at work, lowering your performance and your mood. In the words of P.T. Barnum, “The great ambition should be to excel all others engaged in the same occupation.” Here are five ways to step out of your comfort zone, get re-energized and find your spark at work again.

Learn a new skill.

You’ve been working on your skills for years and might even call yourself an expert in some areas, but it might be time to learn some new tricks. Technology is changing the game for almost every industry, so scour the web to find out how it’s affecting yours. There is sure to be a new app or computer software available that will increase your efficiency and add another level to your skill set. Picking up a new skill is the perfect way to bring new life to your work and exercise your mind.

coworkers working together to get excited about workWork on a new project.

Is there a coworker who has a big project or has been swamped with work lately? Seek out ways to help them and get your hands on a new project. This is an opportunity for you to not only help out a coworker, but to give yourself a new experience on a project you haven’t worked on. If there’s an account you’ve always wanted to work with, now might be the right time to ask your boss if you can take a stab at it. Take a risk and try something new.

Take a vacation.

Sometimes all you need is a little TLC for yourself! Use some of those PTO days to go on a long weekend retreat to give yourself a break and get some rest. Spend this time with family or friends who you haven’t seen for a while and turn your email off. When you’re stuck in a routine, everything is familiar and it could stifle your enthusiasm. Venturing to a new place will expose you to new surroundings and increase your creativity. When you come back to work, you’re likely to feel more motivated and ready to hit the ground running.

Get involved in your work community.

Many companies have committees employees can join to plan culture-related events like potlucks and charity events. You might have been involved when you first joined the company, but since getting busier, you haven’t been to a meeting in a while. Get back in the swing of things and contribute to building your work community up. When you’re surrounded by others who are driven and excited to be at work, it will be infectious and you will feel it too.

contact a recruiter to get excited about work againContact a recruiter for a new opportunity.

If you really think your current role isn’t right for you anymore, it could be time to contact a recruiter. It’s okay to move on and grow in a new role, and we can help you find something to better suit your needs. Contact a recruiter at Alliance Solutions Group to help you find a new opportunity that is going to challenge and excite you again.

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