Click below for answers to some of the most common questions related to applying for employment with Alliance.

Application Process
Q: How do I apply?
A: Search for open jobs on Access Alliance. Find a job that matches your requirements and apply online using your resume, your LinkedIn account or our simple online application.
Q: What are the advantages of working with an Alliance recruiter?
A: We can help you bridge a gap in full-time employment, gain valuable experience and get a foot in the door with the company of your dreams. We also have strategic alliances with organizations all over the United States that use Alliance exclusively for hiring needs.
Q: How quickly can you find a position for me?
A: Sometimes we can offer you a position immediately. In general, the time needed to place you will depend on your skills, experience, availability and the type of position you are seeking.
Q: What kinds of jobs are available?
A: The Alliance Group of Companies includes staffing agencies that specialize in a variety of industries. Click here to search all of our jobs.
Q: What type of companies does Alliance work with?
A: Employers range from companies with just a few employees to Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees. During your initial interview with your recruiter, you can discuss any personal preferences about the kinds of companies you would be interested in working with.
Q: What happens after I submit an application?
A: One of our sourcing or recruiting specialists will contact you as they are able to assist you.
Q: Do I need an appointment or can I just come in and apply?
A: To meet with a recruiter it is preferable to schedule an appointment. This ensure that the right person is available when you arrive which will minimize any wait time. The best way to start the process is to apply online.
Q: If I leave a message for a recruiter, what is the average response time?
A: We try to respond to all messages within 24-48 hours and do our best to schedule return calls for the times that you have indicated work well for you.
Q: Is there a fee to work with an Alliance recruiter?
A: Our recruiting services are free to job seekers.  Our costs are covered by our clients.
Q: Why do companies pay fees for recruiters?
A: We are constantly building our network of highly skilled professionals in order to match talent to clients needs quickly. When working with us our clients are accessing a large pool of pre-qualified candidates rather than starting their search from scratch. Relying on an expert in recruitment also saves our customers many hours of time spent screening resumes and conducting interviews. This is an invaluable cost savings and all of our work is guaranteed.
Q: Am I required to complete any testing?
A: Certain positions require testing, depending on the prospective employer and position. When considering a specific position your Alliance Recruiter will explain if certain requirements apply. These tests are typically performed right before or after your interview.
Q: Does that include computer skills testing?
A: For jobs that do require typing or computer application knowledge we utilize a set of online assessments that can be completed from home.
Q: Does Alliance offer computer training?
A: Alliance offers online training tools provided by our assessment partner that can help you prepare for computer skills testing.
Q: Does Alliance offer other job-specific training?
A: In some cases Alliance partners with our clients to provide online or onsite training for employment candidates. If formal training is not available our knowledgable recruiters can provide you with other resources at your disposal.
Q: Does Alliance conduct credit checks?
A: Alliance conducts credit checks if required by our clients.  The checks are performed by authorized 3rd party services, not by Alliance employees.
Q: Will Alliance keep my search confidential?
A: Yes, and we will never submit information about your search to any third party without your consent.
Q: Why do you need my social security number and date of birth?
A: All interviews and reference checking will be handled by us, including criminal background and/or credit check, as part of the due diligence process before employment.  The information is also required for you to join our payroll.
Q: If I need verification of employment who should I contact at Alliance and what is the response time?
A: Call our Corporate Headquarters at 866-939-0100 and ask for HR. Allow 24-48 hours to complete verification of employment.