Debunking common recruiter myths

There are many misconceptions about recruiters and the field of recruiting.  The vast majority of recruiters and staffing professionals are fully focused on matching the best people to the best jobs.  Those that don’t have given people an unfavorable impression of temp agencies and staffing companies.

But those false impressions and myths are keeping people from realizing the benefits or working with a recruiter.  Working with a great recruiter is like having a personal hiring agent working to get you into your ideal job.

Click below to learn why many common recruiting myths just aren’t true.

MYTH: Recruiters want me to take any job just so they can make a commission.  They don’t care if its right for me.
FALSE: Our recruiters are measured based on their long-term retention rates, not short-term results.  Our goal is to match the best available talent to each job we staff and recruit for.  Our placements are guaranteed so our recruiters place focus on making the proper long-term match.
MYTH: Recruiters post “fake” jobs online.
FALSE: Our recruiters strive to be proactive in their work.  In order to have pre-screened candidates ready when jobs open up, it is necessary to post jobs online and begin interviewing well in advance of their start date.  After interviewing with a Sourcing Specialist, each candidate is automatically considered for other current openings as well.  You will also be alerted of future job openings that are similar in nature.
MYTH: My salary will be lower to cover the recruiter’s fees.
FALSE: Our fees are fully covered by the client we are working for.  The salaries of employees placed through a recruiter are always competitive.  Our recruiters are able to leverage localized salary data to ensure that employees are payed at or above market rate.
MYTH: I can use job boards, I don’t need a recruiter to help.
FALSE: Job boards are a great avenue but why drop your resume on the stack with the rest when it can he hand delivered to the right person? Working with a recruiter gives you a more direct path to hiring decision makers and an advisor to help with your job search.