Debunking common temp job myths

There are many misconceptions about temporary jobs.  They pay less, the hours are worse, the conditions are worse, etc. But that’s just not true.  Maintaining a flexible workforce is they key to running a successful business.  While common in the food service, retail and manufacturing industries for many years, temporary jobs are becoming more common across a variety of industries today.

Click below to learn why many common myths about temp jobs just aren’t true.

MYTH: Temp jobs pay less than permanent jobs.
FALSE: Pay rates for temporary jobs are comparable to their company employee peers.
MYTH: Temp job hours are worse than permanent jobs.
FALSE: There are jobs available 24 hours a day, both temporary and permanent.  With hundreds of job available at any time, Alliance Solutions Group can match each candidate with the right opportunity.  In addition, less desirable shifts are typically rewarded with premium pay rates.
MYTH: I won’t get benefits like insurance or holiday pay when I work with a temp agency.
FALSE: Qualified employees of any Alliance Solutions Group company are eligible for benefits including health, dental and vision insurance; retention pay; holiday pay and more. Be sure to ask your recruiter for more information about enrolling in benefit programs through Alliance.