Connecting People

Alliance CoreConnect is a high-definition video interviewing and communications platform that allows for our brands to meet with their customers and applicants “face-to-face” even when geographic boundaries or time constraints stand in the way.

In today’s competitive job market, a strong sense of urgency is needed to attract, interview and hire top talent.  A traditional hiring process that requires multiple rounds of interviews can take weeks to complete.  During that time you face the possibility of losing top candidates.

Perform face-to-face interviews without time or travel constraints

By using the Alliance CoreConnect platform, interviews can be done online and recorded for later review by recruiters or customers.  This allows us to complete the hiring process in a fraction of the time.

Alliance CoreConnect allows Alliance and our customers not only to realize the benefits of face-to-face interviewing, but to do it quickly and efficiently. Why not give yourself every advantage possible in building a top workforce?

Contact us today to learn how Alliance Solutions Group and high-definition interviewing can revolutionize your hiring process.